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Our Partners


– Circular knitting machine specialists.
– Supplier of single and double jersey knitting machines.
– Responsible for the sale of machines, spare parts, and technical service for the whole of Europe, Africa, and Turkey


– Xetma Vollenweider is considered the market leader in the field of Soft Touch finishing  Machines:-

– Emerizing and brush-sueding

– Shearing and  raising

– Cloth cleaning

– Carpet shearing and carpet finishing

MCS Group

The MCS Group includes:
* MCS dyeing & finishing machinery (ITALY)
– MCS Spa leads a mechano-textile group that started operating in the early sixties.
– Dyeing finishing machinery


– Textile automation and software
– Industrial automation plants (automatic dosing) and control systems.

EUROPIZZI S.P.A (Commission dye-house)

– A textile dyeing, printing, and finishing works and a manufacturer of chemical auxiliaries for textile as well as non-textile industries.
– Provides solutions to meet all needs with a wide range of specific chemical products for several fields of application.


– Unlimited range of applications for a wide range of sectors: textile, medical, aeronautical, industrial, flexo rollers, packaging, and Rapier Tapes for weaving machines.


Italian Company leading in the production of:-
– Creels for circular knitting and creels for socks/tights.
– Cabinets, control tools, measuring devices, accessories, and yarn tensioners.
– Stop motions, rollers, yarn guides, creel tubes, ceramics, and tube holders.


– Manufacturing and Marketing of Textile Auxiliaries.
– Pretreatment Chemicals.
– Dyeing Chemicals.
– Finishing Chemicals.


– Manufacturing tailored machinery.
– Medical Technology, Food Netting, Textile, Warpers, Spooling, Plastic Feeding, Raschel.
– Rius offers a personalized and highly specialized spare parts service.

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