Facing the increasingly fierce competition both domestic and abroad, insist on the mission “Technology Innovation, Quality Oriented”, we strive to develop the updated machinery in the Egyptian market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a product that meets our customers’ expectations constantly. A product that is fully technological, ground-breaking  and reliable, this being the result of continuous field research and test activities, as it has always been in our style. In this connection, the large number of co-operations with the customers has been highly prized.

Our group will share all the enthusiasm, the experience, and the daily work required to enable this adventure, which started more than thirty-five years ago, to bear the good fruits we all expect, long ahead into the future.

Our Vision / Services

Our policy is drawn up for serving the customers on the long term. In other words, our services don’t stop when the sale process is completed but it is lasting and taking different shape as technical support, paying full attention to any inquiry or any problem may be faced by the client, providing him with all what he needs and fulfilling his requirements perfectly and skillfully. Alongside we have Very good reputation on both sides, The Egyptian and European as well, Especially with our partners abroad, whether in Europe or England. 

Likewise, we have firm relationships and close ties with our customers who are the most important, regular reputable and distinguished exporters as well. Furthermore, our team work is characterized by professionalism, enthusiasm and premium splendid performance with a high level of quality.


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